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University of West Florida Fact Book

NOTE: The university historical data are under review to ensure consistency with Board of Governors policies and definitions.

The University of West Florida Institutional Research staff produces an electronic fact book in lieu of a hard bound copy. The information provided in this electronic factbook is based mostly on fall term, academic year, and fiscal year reporting period counts.

Reporting Period Ranges
Year Ranges
Academic Year - Summer semester through Spring semester of the following year;
Calendar Year - January through December;
Catalog Year - Fall semester through Summer semester of the following year;
Fiscal Year - July 1 through June 30 of the following year.
Semester Ranges
Fall Term - August through December;
Spring Term - January through April;
Summer Term - May through July;
Categories are the tab menus located at the top of each page.
Topics are navigational links located on the left side area of each page.
Subtopics are navigational links located on the left side area of each page associated to a topic.
Data Selection

Choose a category from the above tab menu to navigate to the appropriate data of interest. From the returned page you will be able to select the topic data associated to the category from the left side navigational menu. The default reporting period will be displayed automatically with the most current information available.

The right side navigational area allows the person an opportunity in most cases to select multiple years, percentage calculations, comparison data selectors, exporting capabilities to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, and an opportunity to graph the data for the reporting period selected.

An index of topics and subtopics reported by the Institutional Research staff may be accessed by selecting the Factbook Index from the left side navigational menu throughout the entire site.

Additionally, each tab category has an area which will display additional or related files that have been uploaded for a particular category. If the "Related Files" navigational link is not present in the left navigational area after selecting a category (top menu), this means that no files have been uploaded for that particular category.

Quick Facts

The Quick Facts link, located on the left navigational area on each page, will take you to a page that provides quick reference to data that has been entered into the fact book. This Quick Facts page represents only the data that has been entered from the most recent year available and the year and reporting period is displayed in the header. The title is linked to the actual page for which the data has been gleaned from which will provide more detail information for that particular data topic.

Data Comments

Links provided within the pages themselves are links to specific comments related to a particular year or data element. In most cases, a new window will open displaying these individual comments. Please read all comments related to the data topic for additional information for that data topic.


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