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Division: Business, Finance, and Facilities Division
College/Unit: Financial Services Office
Dean/Director: Colleen Asmus
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Institutional Research:
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Enrollment by Major 2002 - 2006: Enrollment By Major-2002-06-Final.pdf
Fall Profile Prelim 2007: Student and Faculty Data Fall 2007.pdf
Fall Profile Prelim 2006: Student and Faculty Data Fall 2006-1.pdf
SCH-FTE 2006-2007 Lower: 2006-07 Low FTE.pdf
SCH-FTE 2006-2007 Upper: 2006-07 Upper FTE.pdf
SCH-FTE 2006-2007 Graduate: 2006-07 Grad FTE.pdf

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Student Success Programs are designed to increase recruitment, retention, and graduation rates of participating University of West Florida students. Student Success Programs provide academic support services for students enrolled at the University of West Florida as well as pre-collegiate programs for middle and high school students. Services include academic advising, mentoring, tutoring, and book scholarships.